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Most Nurse Midwives Recommend Chiropractic

Wednesday, 12 November 2008 17:40
Nurse-midwives frequently refer patients to doctors of chiropractic, according to a survey of 82 certified nurse-midwives in North Carolina. Altogether, a whopping 93.9% of midwives surveyed reported that they recommended "complementary and alternative medicine" to patients during the past year. However, only 57.3% encouraged more than 10% of their patients to consider these approaches.

Overall, chiropractic was the third most popular referral, with 57.3% of midwives surveyed recommending chiropractic to their patients. In addition, midwives recommended herbal therapy (73.2%), massage therapy (67.1%), accupressure (52.4%), mind-body interventions (48.8%), aromatherapy (32.9%), homeopathy (30.5%), spiritual healing, (23.2%), acupuncture (19.5%) and bioelectric or magnetic applications (14.6%).

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