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Off Label Drug Prescribing--Again

Monday, 03 November 2008 16:32

"Studies in various hospital settings showed that many drugs taken by children either are not licensed or are used outside the terms of the product licence.1-3 Information on the extent of paediatric labelling of drugs taken by children in the community is, however, limited and based on small study populations. 4 5 We studied drugs taken by children in the community, based on the pharmacy records of prescriptions from both general practitioners and outpatient departments. We aimed to determine the number of prescriptions for unlicensed drugs for children in the community and to investigate paediatric labelling of all drugs with a product licence to determine the extent of off label use."

FDA urges stronger warnings on antidepressants : The agency had issued a warning last year on antidepressant use in children, "but Monday's action -- especially the addition of the warning to drug labels -- goes significantly further.

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