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Popular Scoliosis Test Inadequate

Monday, 03 November 2008 18:31
The Adam's forward-bending test, a popular evaluation technique used for school scoliosis screenings, "cannot be considered a safe diagnostic criterion for the early detection of scoliosis," say researchers in the journal Spine. According to the report, the forward-bending test fails to detect a significant number of scoliosis cases, especially when it is used as the sole screening Investigators collected data on 2,700 students who underwent scoliosis screening in 1987. All subjects were aged 8 - 16 years at the time of the screenings, which included the Adam's forward-bending test, Moire topography, scoliometer measures and humpometer measures. At 10-year follow-up, the researchers determined that the forward bending test produced five false negative results.

The article concluded that, "The wide-spread use of school scoliosis screening with the use of the forward-bending test must be questioned." Instead, the study's authors suggest that back-shape analysis methods be used to look for scoliosis in school-aged youngsters.

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