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Psychiatric Drugs, Placebos and the Downfall of Modern Psychiatry

Monday, 17 November 2008 19:28
The drugs interfere with normal social, intellectual and emotional functioning, so many patients want to stop them. But since sudden termination often produces explosion, and gradual reduction - the preferred method - is unavailable, patients find themselves in a catch-22 situation.

Further aggravating this dilemma is the insistence of most psychiatrists that medications be continued indefinitely despite patients' objections. This difference can transform the doctor-patient relationship, which should be a major positive therapeutic force, into one which is adversarial and, therefore, overtly anti-therapeutic.

Many patients believe the drugs have helped them because they improved after starting to take them. But most of whatever improvement occurs - and that improvement is much less with major mental illness today than it was before the drug era - is based on the physician's expectations and the patient's acceptance

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