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Sleeping with Your Infant: Looking at the Facts

Thursday, 23 October 2008 13:03

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission came out with a news release in May 2002 announcing sleeping with your infants is unsafe. JPMA (crib industry) offered their conference as a forum for CPSC to make their announcement & offered to help finance/ promote continuing promotion of the idea to doctors & stores.

In addition to the questionable intent of the report's supporters, the release has left out the deaths that were diagnosed as SIDS, although the determination between suffocation and SIDS is often a judgment call. Suffocation in a crib is more often reported as SIDS, while suffocation in an adult bed is reported as "death by adult bed."

The other reason for not investigating the SIDS statistics is that other studies suggest that SIDS is reduced in babies cosleeping along with an aware, protective (non-smoking, non-drug-impaired) mother. Such a study would not sell cribs, or formula.

In a recent large study conducted in the United Kingdom it was concluded that:
"Bed sharing with nonsmoking parents was not identified as a risk factor for SIDS in term infants or in those born weighing at least 2,500 g."


Attachment Parenting International and members of the parenting community refute the CPSC's recent claim that co-sleeping is inherently dangerous. We maintain that when precautions are followed, co-sleeping with infants is safe and offers a multitude of benefits for both child and parent. We urge the CPSC to work to make all sleeping environments as safe as possible and provide parents with the information they need to make the decisions which are best for their family. http://www.attachmentparenting.org/