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Soaring C-Section Rates Cause for Alarm

Sunday, 16 November 2008 13:22
Cesarean section rates are off the charts and women are being duped into thinking that this is all right; in fact they are being enticed to consider c-sections on demand based upon questionable promises.

A woman considering cesarean section should be told that, compared to vaginal birth, she has an increased risk of infection, hemorrhage, damage to abdominal and urinary tract organs, and complications from anesthesia/narcotics. She needs to know that the incidence of drug resistant infections is increasing and blood transfusions can lead to life threatening complications. She should also be told that she will probably not be allowed to attempt a vaginal birth in the future, and that the risk of complications from cesarean section increase with each subsequent surgery. Recent studies note higher rehospitalization and draw a direct link between chronic pelvic pain and cesarean section. These complications can ultimately limit her ability to have the number of children she desires.