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Starting School Raises Headache Occurrence

Monday, 03 November 2008 15:17

Starting school can be emotionally traumatic for a child. Now an article Pediatrics suggests that starting school may also have physical ramifications. Specifically, starting school increases a student's likelihood of headache.

The study followed 1,290 6- and 7- year-old children for two years.  According to the report, "A significant increase in the incidence density of overall headache in children was found during the first 12 school months, compared with the 6 months immediately before school started or with the subsequent 6 school months (13th-18th month). The increase was attributable to occasional headache. During the first school months, the frequency of headache increased in 20% of children who had had headache before the 6 months preceding the start of school."

Anttila P, Metsahonkala L, Sillanpaa M   School start and occurrence of headache   Pediatrics 1999 (Jun);   103 (6):   e80