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Stress Linked With Back Pain in Young Adults

Thursday, 23 October 2008 15:18

Psychological stress during young adulthood more than doubles the risk of low-back pain (LBP), finds an international team of researchers. Investigators interviewed a cohort of people in Britain at age 23 years and again ten years later. In total, 571 reported first experiencing LBP at 32 to 33 years of age. A control group of 5,210 individuals without LBP was also established.

Those who reported psychological distress when they were 23 years old were 2.52 times more likely to suffer from LBP age 33, compared with their less-stressed peers. Persistent moderate or heavy smokers had a significantly bolstered risk of LBP, compared with non-smokers. Social class, childhood emotional status, body mass index and job satisfaction were not related to LBP, after multivariate analyses.

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