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Responses From Our Readers About Natural Alternatives to Breastfeeding

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 15:09

I am the mother of 10 mo. old twins and 3 yr. old daughter. Breastfed exclusively for 2+ years with my first, but found that I needed help/sanity with nourishing my twins. In my opinion, the commercial formulas are crap (excuse my choice of words BUT it's the truth!). So I have been supplementing with "Ultracare for Kids" by Metagenics. I also add approx. 1 tsp. of protein powder and 1 tbsp. of flax oil. I arrived at my formula by looking at the minerals, vitamins, protein, and fat ratios of the commercial brands. The Ultracare for kids had very similar amounts of minerals and vitamins as the other brands but lacked in protein and fat. Protein added depends on what brand you're using and how much protein there is per tbsp. I mix the Ultracare with approx. 6 oz. water and rice milk. My recipe is not very scientific, but I do have a dietitian looking at it to give me her two cents. I do know my children are thriving so it can't be all bad. I still am nursing 3-4x/day too.

I was not able to breastfeed my infant 100%, so I have to suppliment with a formula for one or two bottles a day. I was determined not to use the conventional formulas that are loaded with corn syrup & other horrible ingredients, so I located a website that was a tremendous help.

I also had a phone consultation with the NMD that runs that website & we created a "Healthy Infant Formula" together. That formula & it's ingredients are located on the website. My pediatrician (who is also an NMD) looked at the ingredients & suggested I also add 1 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses & 1 Tablespoon spirulina to the formula. So far this formula has agreed very well with my 11 week old baby girl. There are many healthy options available on this website if you are willing to make your own formula. It's very easy & well worth the effort for your peace of mind!  The doctor is Dr. Thomas Lee & he is very helpful & informative.
The nutritionist that I share an office with recommends Ross Carbohydrate Free Formula. You then add a few tablespoons of molasses or rice syrup for sweetness.

There are also wet nurses and breast milk banks. I would think that anything with dairy should be avoided including goat's milk; I think about 25% of African Americans and Asian Americans are lactiose intolerant.

Mothering Magazine has an "Ask the Expert" Column which has addressed these concerns.