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Vaccinations as Cause of Death

Monday, 03 November 2008 18:59

On November 11, 1997, at two months of age, Alan was given six vaccines (DTaP, Hib, OPV and Hepatitis B) and sent home without monitoring or medical supervision. The baby developed a high-pitched cry, his skin became warm to touch, and there was an increasing lethargy with a falling-off feeding pattern at about l0 or 11 days, following the vaccine injections. His mother had been told in the doctor’s office that these symptoms might result following these vaccinations. This led her not to worry about her baby’s symptoms and not to call his doctor. On November 24th, at 13 days post vaccination, the baby had a cardiac arrest and apnea episode, and his father took him to the emergency room at Princeton Hospital in Orlando Florida (II-B).

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