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Chiropractic: Efficacy, Safety and Satisfaction

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1 The Safety and Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic: A Survey of Chiropractors and Parents in a Practice-based Research Network
2 Effects of Side-Posture Positioning and Side-Posture Adjusting on the Lumbar Zygapophysial Joints as Evaluated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Before and After Study with Randomization
3 Prevalence of Nonmusculoskeletal Complaints in Chiropractic Practice: Report from a Practice-Based Research Program
4 Adjustments Affect Nervous System More than Massage
5 Training Primary Care Physicians to Give Limited Manual Therapy For Low Back Pain: Patient Outcomes
6 Spinal Reflex Attenuation Associated with Spinal Manipulation
7 Long-Term Trends in the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies in the United States
8 Complementary Medicine and General Practice: An Urban Perspective
9 Normal Medical Practice of Referring Patients for Complementary Therapies among Australian General Practitioners
10 Arterial Dissections Following Cervical Manipulation: The Chiropractic Experience
11 Risk Assessment of Neurological and/or Vertebrobasilar Complications in the Pediatric Chiropractic Patient. (Risk of Complications in Pediatric Patients under Chiropractic Care)
12 Patient Satisfaction with Chiropractic Physicians in an Independent Physicians' Association
13 1990 Death Rates in the U.S. in Relation to: Chiropractors and Medical Doctors Per Capita, Age, Income, and Education
14 The Safety and Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic: Results from a Practice-based Research Network
15 A Survey of Parents on the Iatrogenesis Associated With Chiropractic Spinal Manipulative Therapy of Pediatric Patients: Results from a Practice-based Research Study
16 Chiropractic Clears Ear Infections
17 Adverse Events Associated With Pediatric Spinal Manipulation: A Systematic Review. What Does the Data Really Show?