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Chiropractic for Life

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1 ADHD From Treatment To Function Steven Prentice, DC, CACCP
2 Designed for Hope: How Chiropractic Honors the Health Already Within Your Child Nick Spano, DC
3 Healing Birth: The Second Time Around Heather Spergel
4 The Premise of Chiropractic Bobby Doscher, DC
5 Epidurals: Facts, Implications and Alternatives Kate Engelhardt, DC, DACCP
6 Bringing Back the Balance: A Chiro Mom’s Perspective Lisa DeNardo
7 Onward and Upward: Living a Life Uncommon Frank Bowling, DC
8 Turn Turn Turn: Options for Breech Babies Heather Yost, D.C.
9 The Genius of the Unborn Child Sarah Farrant, D.C.
10 Chiropractor Touts Work On Newborns Pathways Magazine
11 Chiropractic Care for Allergies and Kids Pathways Magazine
12 The Truth About Chiropractic: A Closer Look at a Misunderstood Philosophy Lloyd Fielder, D.C.
13 The Case for Improved Function Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
14 Effects of Chiropractic Care Martin Rosen. D.C.
15 Holistic Pediatric Healthcare Lawrence Palevsky, PhD
16 Adjusting to a New Life Pathways Magazine
17 Chiropractic and Ear Infections: What We Offer Makes a Difference Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
18 Chiropractic Care of Children with Colic Joel Alcantara, DC
19 Healthy Children and Chiropractic Donald Epstein, D.C.
20 Chiropractic Care for Children Belinda Siddle, D.C.
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