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1 Shifting the Paradigm Jeanne Ohm, DC
2 Reclaiming Our Children’s Health Keri Chiappino, DC, DACNB
3 A New Attitude Toward Fevers: An Interview With Philip Incao, MD Philip Incao, MD
4 Mythology of Science Based Medicine Larry Dossey, MD, Deepak Chopra, MD, Rustum Roy, PhD
5 The Healing Force Within Gabor Maté, MD
6 Find Stillness to Cure the Illness Leo Babauta
7 Health-Conscious Dentistry: Dental Amalgams are 50 Percent Mercury. Should Expectant Moms be Concerned? Andrea H. Brockman, B.S.N., D.D.S.
8 What a Body Knows: Does “Healthcare” Have Anything to do with Health? Kimerer LaMothe, PhD
9 Children’s Health: A Question of Balance Philip Incao, M.D.
10 Nurturing the Developing Brain to Achieve Maximum Potential Keri Chiappino, D.C., DACNB
11 The Underground Healthcare Revolution William B. Ferril, M.D.
12 ADD/ADHD: Holistic and Natural Approaches Pathways Magazine
13 Essential Ingredients for a Natural Birth Pathways Magazine
14 Holistic Care of Middle Ear Problems in Children Randall Neustaedter, OMD
15 The Road to Holistic Practice: An Integrated Approach Larry Palevsky, MD
16 We Are What We Think Patti Leviton, CHT, CGLT, MA
17 How to Slash National Healthcare Costs by 90% Through Education , Nutrition , and a Ban on Junk Food Marketing Mike Adams
18 Healing is Spiritual Laurel Clark, DM, DD
19 Holistic Approaches to Asthma Lawrence Palevsky, M.D
20 The Paradigm Shift in Medicine and Science Philip Incao, MD
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