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Informed Choice

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1 The Vaccine Safety Double Standard Lisa K. Sykes, Rev, MDiv
2 The Attack on Pregnant Mothers Escalates Suzanne Humphries, MD
3 If School Were Causing Your Child’s ADD/ADHD, Would You Remove Him? Lisa Nielsen
4 Poised Cathy Jameson
5 The Vaccine Bubble Michael Belkin
6 Circumcision: Medically Unnecessary Georganne Chapin
7 The Pill Merchants: The Relentless and Tragic Marketing of Psychiatric Drugs John Breeding, PhD & Amy Philo
8 The Raging War on Vaccine Choice: Is 2011 the Make or Break Year? Barbara Loe Fisher
9 Beyond the Fields we Know: The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods Jeffrey M. Smith
10 GMO Mythbusting Pathways Magazine
11 How Scientific Is Modern Medicine, Really? Dana Ullman, M.P.H.
12 Food Watchdog Investigates Secret Sales of Milk From Cloned Cows Pathways Magazine
13 "Quack" Administrator
14 Read Before Vaccinating: The 6 Principles of Informed Choice Barbara Loe Fisher
15 How Health Insurance Is Making Us Sick Robert Johns Jr., D.C.
16 Children, Cell Phones and Health: An Inconvenient Truth About a Convenient Technology Carrie Hyman, CMD & Marcia Zina Mager
17 Avoid a Cesarean: Know the Facts Pathways Magazine
18 Swine Flu Darrel Crain, DC
19 Moms Fight Back: The Battle Against BPA Jane Sheppard
20 The Great Measles Misunderstanding Darrel Crain, DC
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