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1 Empowering Feminine Energy Madisyn Taylor
2 Bliss: Knowing Everything is Okay Karen Brody
3 Gaining Perspective Stew Bittman, D.C.
4 A New Kind of Thinking Philip Incao, M.D.
5 Ambition Addiction: How To Go Slow, Give Thanks and Discover Joy Within Benjamin Shalva
6 Inner Freedom Peter Russell, M.A., D.C.S.
7 Bliss Before Birth Julie Le Gal Brodeur
8 A Way of Blessing GeorGina Kelly
9 The Last Time Pathways
10 Guard Your Peace Janaiah von Hassel
11 Honoring the Innate Potential Joseph Chilton Pearce
12 Better Have Another Ben Hewitt
13 Money and the Divine Masculine Charles Eisenstein
14 Molecules of Love Marianne Littlejohn
15 The Woman Who Chose to Plant Corn Charles Eisenstein
16 Aluna: A Message to Little Brother Charles Eisenstein
17 Lakota Code of Ethics Pathways Magazine
18 Giavanna’s Journey Denise Goodman
19 The Gratitude Challenge Joe Dispenza, D.C.
20 Power Points: Seven Keys to Helping Women Speak Their Truth Celeste Morris
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