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1 Attention-Seeking is a Big Fat Lie Karyn Van Der Zwet
2 The Origins of Attachment Parenting Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker
3 A Parent’s Right to Pleasure: Emotional Wellness for Moms and Dads Robin Grille
4 Parenting for a Sustainable World: Cultivating a Reverence for Life Lysa Parker
5 Attachment Moms: In Their Own Words Pathways Magazine
6 The Cycle of Control Teresa Graham Brett, JD
7 Wholeness, Not Perfectionism Chris White, MD
8 Your Child is Like the Rain: A Guide for the Peaceful Parent Naomi Aldort
9 Teen Parenting: An Alternative Perspective Jeane Rhodes, Ph.D.
10 The Important First Nine Months of Life Jeane Rhodes
11 Parenting Within Civilization John Breeding, Ph.D.
12 The Science of Father’s Love Patrick M. Houser
13 Self-Care for Mothers Jane Sheppard
14 Protecting the Cave Patrick M. Houser
15 Parenting the Whole Child: Nurturing the Connections Between Emotion, Intellect, Body and Spirit Dr. Caron Goode
16 Reflections on Isolation Naomi Aldort
17 Understanding Parents of Children with Autism Michelle Gabrielle Centamore
18 Moms & Dads, Who is the Boss of You? The Force of Culture on Birth and Parenting Choices Marcy Axness, PhD
19 Children Who Feel Loved Are More Loving Pam Leo
20 The Joy of Being a Mother Susan Markel, MD
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