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1 March for Moms and ImprovingBirth Join Forces Dawn Thompson
2 Big Time: Do Big Babies Require a C-Section? We look at the Facts and Myths Dawn Thompson
3 Present from the Start Sophie Fletcher
4 In The Flow: Bringing the Moon Inside Marcy Axness, Ph.D.
5 Why You Should Think Twice about Prenatal Ultrasounds Shelby Salinas
6 Consciousness at the Beginning of Life Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D.
7 Dando a Luz: Rediscovering the Ancient Wisdom in Birth Robert M. Biter, M.D.
8 Birth Trauma and the Issue of Informed Consent Michele Munz
9 Choosing a Birth Class: Hospital-Based vs. Independent Childbirth Education Brittany Sharpe McCollum, C.D.(DONA)
10 Birth Story Mallory Josh, Lacey Wilson, D.C., Kim Daly, C.P.M.
11 Love for the Unknown Stephanie Libs, D.C.
12 A Proven Method for Lowering the Caesarean Rate Gloria Lemay
13 Birth Principles Workbook: A Soulful Alternative to a Birth Plan Jessie Harrold, C.D.
14 If Making Love Were Treated Like Birth: A Sadly Hilarious Video Fiona Peacock
15 Home Birth: Our Journey to Sanity Andrew Glanville, D.C.
16 Why Did So Many Women Die During Childbirth? Sam McCulloch
17 Belly Mapping Gail Tully
18 What Mothers Need to Know About Giving Birth Jean Sutton
19 Optimal Positioning: Balancing the Pelvis for a Safer, Easier Birth Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
20 How to Describe Birth to a First-Time Pregnant Woman Alison Howley
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