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The Outer Womb

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1 The Gut Microbes and Poop Jennifer Tow, IBCLC
2 A Natural Age of Weaning Katherine Dettwyler, Ph.D.
3 What’s in Your Baby’s Formula? Justin Ohm, DC
4 Societal Barriers to Breastfeeding Annie Urban
5 What a Family Needs Gloria Lemay
6 All In The Timing: Why Delaying Cord Clamping Benefits Your Baby Kelly Winder
7 Co-sleeping as Nighttime Bonding Pinky McKay, IBCLC
8 Breastfeeding Boobytraps: Five Cultural Misconceptions that Come Between Baby and Breast Suchada Eickemeyer
9 In It for the Long Haul: A Dad's Opinion on Breastfeeding James Latham
10 From Russia, With Love Pamela Stone, D.C.
11 Understanding Your Baby’s Cries Pinky McKay, IBCLC
12 Making Motherhood Mindful Cassandra Vieten, PhD
13 When the Joy is Missing: An Organic Perspective on Postpartum Depression Marcy Axness, PhD
14 Ear Infections: Causes and Holistic Care Linda Folden Palmer, DC
15 Car Seats are for Cars Catherine McKenzie
16 Growing Healthy Kids: Calming the Cry of Colic Jen Allbritton, CN
17 Maximizing Infant Development Charles L. Blum, DC
18 Colic and Chiropractic Pathways Magazine
19 Fifty Good Reasons to Breast Feed Luis C. Ortiz, M.D.
20 Assessing the Suck Reflex to Solve Feeding Difficutlties Joyce Miller, D.C.
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