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Home Wellness Research Ear Infections (Otitis Media) Homeopathy for Ear Infections: Minimal Relapses, No Side Effects

Homeopathy for Ear Infections: Minimal Relapses, No Side Effects

30 Octobre 2008
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Within a prospective group study of five practicing otorhinolaryngologists, conventional therapy of acute otitis media in children was compared with homeopathic treatments. Group A (103 children) was primarily treated with homeopathic single remedies. Group B (28 children) was treated by decongestant nose-drops, antibiotics, secretolytics and/or antipyretics. Comparisons were done by symptoms, physical findings, and duration of therapy and number of relapses. The children of the study were between 1 and 11 years of age. The median duration of pain in group A was 2 days and in group B 3 days. Median therapy in group A lasted 4 days and in group B 10 days. Antibiotics were given over a period of 8-10 days, while homeopathic treatments were stopped after healing. In group A 70.7% of the patients were free of relapses within 1 years and 29.3% had a maximum of three relapses. Group B had 56.5% without relapses and 43.5% a maximum of six relapses. Of 103 subjects 98 (95.1%) responded solely to homeopathic treatments. No side effects of treatment were found.

Friese KH; Kruse S; Moeller H   Acute otitis media in children. Comparison between conventional and homeopathic therapy   HNO 1996 (Aug);   44 (8):   462-466