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  • Intractable Migraine Headaches During Pregnancy Under Chiropractic Care

    Abstract Background: Lifetime prevalence of migraine headaches in women vary from 11 to 32 percent while 1-year prevalence varies from 9-22 percent. Women are three-times more likely to suffer from migraine headaches compared to men and peak...


  • 13-Year-Old's Headaches Resolve After Chiropractic Care

    The present study investigated the effectiveness of chiropractic care of a child having daily cervicogenic (back of the head) headaches.   Pediatric headaches are common in 10-20% of school aged children and increases to 27-32% in teenagers aged...


  • Chiropractic Care of a Pediatric Patient With Migraine-type Headaches and Vertebral Subluxations

    Abstract Background: Headaches in children are common and their care presents a challenge to both allopathic and non-allopathic physicians. A majority of children who experience recurrent headaches have migraines. Prevalence estimates indicate...


  • Chiropractic Care Resolves Headaches in Pregnant Patient

    This paper reveals the potential chiropractic may have on birth outcome.  This 28-year-old woman was 14 weeks pregnant. She had a history of a prior C-Section and wanted to improve her chances of a vaginal delivery.   Additionally, she had...


  • Spinal Manipulation and Headaches of Cervical Origin

    The role of the cervical spine in headache remains controversial. Often confused as tension or common migraine headache, headaches arising from the neck pose a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge....


  • Incidence of Ponticulus Posterior of the Atlas in Migraine and Cervicogenic Headache

    A common structural variation of the atlas vertebra is called ponticulus posticus (also known as foramen arcuale or "Kimmerle's anomaly"). Investigators studied the relationship between this condition and...


  • Encephalgia / Migraine: A Case Study

    History: A 10-year-old girl was brought in to my office on 2-15-99 suffering chronic and severe migraine headaches. History reveals that this patient has been having migraine headaches 6 times a week for the...


  • Chiropractic Treatment of Childhood Migraine Headache: A Case Study

    A case of a 10-year-old male with a three-year-history of migraine headaches. During the first month of chiropractic care, it was reported that he only had two prodromal episodes, but no full migraines. ...


  • Headaches Common in Young Children

    Migraine headaches are common in children, and incidence increases through adolescence, affecting about 8% to 23% of children aged 11 to 15 years. Average age of onset is 7.2 years for boys and 10.9 years for girls. Neurology....


  • A Case Series of Migraine Changes Following a Manipulative Therapy Trial

    Four cases of migraine responded dramatically to spinal care. Many self reported symptoms were either eliminated or substantially reduced. Average frequency of episodes was reduced by 90% with the length of...


  • Migraine: A Statistical Analysis of Chiropractic Treatment

    Wright JS.   J Am Chiro Assoc 1978; 12:363-67.


  • A Controlled Trial of Manipulation for Migraine

    Spinal manipulation administered by chiropractors, spinal manipulation administered by medical practitioners and physical therapists and a mobilization procedure administered by physical therapists was...


  • Occipital Headaches Stemming from the Lateral Atlanto-Axial (C1-2) Joint

    Patients presenting with occipital pain underwent diagnostic blocks of their lateral atlanto-axial joints if they demonstrated clinical features presumptively suggestive of a C1-2 origin for their pain. Of 34...


  • Chiropractic Care of Children with Headaches: Five Case Reports

    From the abstract:   In this case series, five children presented with varying types of head-aches to a family-based chiropractic practice. In each case, spinal subluxations were present. Following reduction...


  • The Effect of Manipulation (Toggle Recoil Technique) for Headaches with Upper Cervical Joint Dysfunction: A Pilot Study

    Twenty-six patients (16 males, 10 females) all had chronic headaches with upper cervical joint dysfunction. Significant diminishing of the severity and frequency of headaches was reported in a large majority...


  • Chiropractic Management of Migraine Without Aura: A Case Study

    A case of migraine is discussed. The author has done a number of tests to objectify his care. The patient continued his improvement two months post-spinal (cervical) adjustments. Lenhart, L.J.   JNMS 1995: ...


  • Manipulative Therapy in the Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches: A Retrospective and Prospective Study

    Vernon H.   J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1982 (Sep); 5 (3): 109-112


  • Spinal manipulation vs. Amitriptyline for the Treatment of Chronic Tension-type Headaches: A Randomized Clinical Trial

    Six weeks of drug therapy were compared to six weeks of chiropractic adjustments. The drug therapy was considered slightly more effective than chiropractic however 82% of the patients had side effects which...


  • Chiropractic Care Resolves Chronic Cervicogenic Headache

    The purpose of this study was to record the effectiveness of chiropractic care of a pediatric patient with neck pain cervicogenic (back of the head) headaches. Headaches are a common morbidity of childhood.  There are very few drugs that are...


  • Migraines on the Rise

    Incidence of medically recognized migraine skyrocketed over the last several years, say scientists in the journal Neurology. The study found that clinically diagnosed migraine leaped 56% between 1979 and 1990. This...


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