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  • Back Pain During Pregnancy

    As your pregnancy advances and your uterus enlarges, you’re likely to feel some discomfort. Back pain is a common complaint. But you don’t have to grin and accept back pain as a normal part of your pregnancy. You can take steps to stop the...


  • Back Pain During Pregnancy: A Prospective Study

    A cohort of 200 consecutive women attending an antenatal clinic were followed throughout pregnancy with repeated measurements of back pain and possible determinants by questionnaires and physical examinations. Seventy-six percent...


  • The Prevalence of Recalled Low Back Pain During and After Pregnancy: A South Australian Population Survey

    Thirty-five and a half per cent of women recall having at least moderately severe back pain during pregnancy. Women who reported such back pain were younger, were more likely to report ill health and be unemployed. Increasing...


  • Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

    Of 862 women who answered the questionnaires, about half developed some degree of low back pain. Seventy-nine women who were unable to continue their work because of severe low back pain were referred to an orthopedic...


  • Back Pain During Pregnancy and Labor

    84% of patients receiving spinal manipulative therapy reported relief of back pain during pregnancy. There was significantly less likelihood of back labor when spinal manipulative therapy was administered during pregnancy.Diakow PR,...


  • Pelvic Pain: Symphysis, Pubis, Dysfunction

    One problem that many pregnant women complain about is pubic pain. Yet doctors and midwives often dismiss this pain as either “inconsequential,” “unfixable,” or “just one of those pregnancy discomforts that have to be endured.” Occasionally, some...


  • Another Reason for Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

    Many women have successfully utilized the service of chiropractors throughout pregnancy for the relief of back pain and discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy. Since the advent of the Webster technique, many women have started chiropractic...


  • Chiropractic and Pregnancy: Greater Comfort and Safer Births

    How can chiropractic add comfort? Chiropractic care in pregnancy is an essential ingredient to your pre-natal care choices. A large percent of all pregnant women experience back discomfort/ pain during pregnancy. This is due to the rapid...


  • Exercise May Prevent Musculoskeletal Pain During Pregnancy

    A just-published study reveals that many of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, including low-back pain, result from overuse injuries that may be prevented with exercise. The study looked at 15 women in the...


  • Sacroiliac Subluxation: A Common, Treatable Cause of Low Back Pain in Pregnancy

    A retrospective review of 100 consecutive pregnancies, involving 94 women receiving prenatal care at a rural western New York family practice, was conducted. Back pain was spontaneously reported to the physician by 23 women in 23 pregnancies....


  • The Pregnancy Circle: Preparing for Motherhood One Breath at a Time

    What would the transition into motherhood be like if women were encouraged to build their own inner strength throughout pregnancy? What if a woman knew she already held her own answers, and that all she had to do was to trust her intuition? How would...


  • A Clinical Prediction Rule for Classifying Postpartum Subjects With Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain Who Demonstrate Short-Term Improvement With Mobilization of the Sacroiliac Joint

    Dissertation: University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Jul 2007


  • Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation for Low Back Pain of Pregnancy: A Retrospective Case Series



  • Pregnancy Massage

    What is Pregnancy Massage? Pregnancy is a time of major structural, physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social changes. Some of these changes produce discomforts and concerns, which can be addressed with appropriate massage therapy and body...


  • Pregnancy and Chiropractic: A Patient’s Testimonial

    Sharp pains, piercing spasms, and the feeling that one wrong move would leave me bedridden for weeks. This was the kind of back pain I experienced as I entered the second trimester of my pregnancy. I was concerned for my and the baby’s well-being. My...


  • FWF - 009 - Pregnancy; Antibiotics; Breastfeeding

    Family Wellness First The E-newsletter for Parents to make Informed Health Care Choices Issue 9: Pregnancy; Antibiotics; Breastfeeding Please remember to credit the ICPA as source when publicizing an article and to tell your readers that they can...


  • The Miracle of Chiropractic in Pregnancy and Postpartum

    When Donna came in pregnant with her eighth child to our center, Ama Mama Holistic Healthcare, her chief complaint was fatigue! Having kids from ages ranging from 18 down to 2 years old, she was tired, and nursing almost continuously that entire...


  • FWF - 035 - Pregnancy and Birth

    Family Wellness First - 035 Pregnancy and BirthThe E-newsletter for Parents to Make Informed Health Care ChoicesIf you cannot read this newsletter, please visit: www.icpa4kids.org/wellness/0035.html to access it Childbirth Death Rate Rises in U.S. ...


  • Chiropractic Care Resolves Placenta Previa

    The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of chiropractic care for a pregnant woman with placenta previa, migraines, and neck and back pain with hopes of a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).   Placenta previa is when the...


  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

    One problem that many pregnant women complain about is pubic pain. Yet doctors and midwives often dismiss this pain as either 'inconsequential', 'unfixable', or 'just one of those pregnancy discomforts that have to be...


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