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  • Adjusting to a New Life

    Parents often ask why a newborn baby should be checked by a chiropractor. Adjustments help alleviate spinal subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae) caused by intrauterine constraint, abnormal positioning in the uterus, and spinal distress from...


  • Breastfeeding Difficulties and Chiropractic

    Modern birthing procedures, even those with seemingly minimal intervention, are known to cause trauma and stress to the infant’s cranium and spine. In a leading pediatric textbook on manual therapy for children, one author tells us, “When...


  • Tongue-tie: A Holistic Approach for Breastfeeding Infants

    New moms are well aware of the importance of breastfeeding. Moms who are eager to breastfeed their newborns often find themselves disheartened if they run into difficulties with nursing. They may find the infant is having trouble maintaining...


  • For Many Pregnant Moms, Webster Technique is the Key to a Safer Birth

    As a mom navigating her way through a high-risk pregnancy, news of one more complication just leaves you with more questions and concerns. When the news is that your baby is not in the head down (or vertex) position, your questions go something like...


Results 1 - 4 of 4