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  • Rhogam and Pregnancy Stealth Mercury Assault

    There have been far too many moms at my seminars the last 3 months reacting with alarm, surprise and anger to my cautioning them regarding giving Rhogam during pregnancy. As you can guess, these moms...


  • Letters From Our Readers

    Patient Subscription Service I received the Pathways magazine along with some other information recently from you. I found Pathways very interesting and informative and most of all POSITIVE on raising kids healthy and naturally and it did not “cut”...


  • Letters From Our Readers

    Rhogam Shot Thank you for your informative article regarding the Rhogam shot. I am expecting my first baby in March 2006. I have had no miscarriages and I have not had invasive prenatal procedures. Unfortunately, I was treated very poorly by...


  • Mercury Rising: Warnings in Pregnancy and Infancy

    Mercury: a Known Toxin It has been known for a long time, that mercury is a toxic and dangerous substance that effects the developing nerve system in an adverse way. Web MD offers this report: “Mercury is very dangerous to children....


  • Common Obstetrical Procedures and Their Link to Autism

    Birth today has become a technological experience where a natural process has been replaced with artificial procedures and schedules. Without the necessary vitalistic support during pregnancy, women enter the birth process with fear and are led to...


  • Autism: Is There a Vaccine Connection?

    According to the California Department of Developmental Services, the rate of children diagnosed with full-syndrome autism between 1999 and 2002 nearly doubled from 10,360 to 20,377. The report further revealed that “between Dec. 31, 1987, and...


  • What Can Be Done to Prevent Autism Now?

    It’s a fact that more and more kids are showing signs of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) than ever before. What’s causing this epidemic is still a mystery, but we now have some strong clues about prevention and treatment, based on emerging science...


  • Along Came Autism: Dominick’s Story

    I think any mother first looks at her newborn son, all pink and soft, and dreams of his future. Maybe he’ll be a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher. President, perhaps? Well, I knew my Dominick was meant to be something greater. My son was born with...


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