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A Child’s Place Is in the Kitchen: How Cooking Advances Learning

It’s easier to cook when our children aren’t in the way. Bubbling pots and sharp knives, after all, are hardly child-friendly. But the kitchen shouldn’t be off-limits to kids. Yes, dinner takes longer to make when Mason snips the cilantro to...

Also labeled: Issue #35, Wellness Lifestyle

Common Ground: Reintegrating Kids Into Our Communities

Surely my baby was as good as a dog. I’d read that nursing home residents benefitted enormously from contact with therapy dogs. During and after dog visits, these elders were more alert and in better moods. So I figured, why not bring my b...

Also labeled: Issue #34, Community

Fostering the Flip Side of Gratitude

Cajoled into seeing a friend’s obstetrician—the one she praised so highly—I came prepared with a list of questions folded up in my jeans pocket. But I didn’t get a chance to ask my questions about a doula or the Leboyer method. The doctor walked in,...

Also labeled: Issue #33, Gratitude