Author Andrea Candee, MH, MSC Articles

Bugs, The Natural Way to Keep Them at Bay

Bugs! Do I respect them as part of Nature’s miraculous design…yes. Do I like them… not really. Despite daily intake of supplements reputed to be bug deterrents (i.e. garlic, B vitamins), many of us are still sweet meat for the little...

Also labeled: Issue #02, Holistic Healthcare

Lyme Disease An Integrated Approach

The conventional medical approach is to treat Lyme disease with antibiotics. When a child or adult is quickly treated with an appropriate antibiotic, the result is usually a swift and positive healing. However, if the person does not recover with...

Also labeled: Issue #22, Wellness Lifestyle

Taking Charge of Your Family’s Wellness, Naturally

“Self empowerment” is the buzz word of our time. Yet, many feel disempowered when it comes to the care of their family’s health. Integrated medicine, taking the best of all worlds, is a sensible, responsible approach to healthcare. Here’s more from...

Also labeled: Issue #16, Wellness Lifestyle