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13-Year-Old's Headaches Resolve After Chiropractic Care

The present study investigated the effectiveness of chiropractic care of a child having daily cervicogenic (back of the head) headaches.  Pediatric headaches are common in 10-20% of school aged children and increases to 27-32% in teenagers aged 13-14 years old.  The headache is the most common somatic complaint in children that affects their quality of life.

The current study used a case study of a thirteen-year-old male who had been experiencing daily cervicogenic headaches for several years.  He reported that his headaches would get worse later in the day but did not get worse due to any specific activity.

The patient’s mother first took him to the family physician who thought the headaches were sinus related and did not initiate any care or further follow-up.

The mother then pursued chiropractic care. At the initial visit, the doctor of chiropractic examined the patient’s spine and range of motion (ROM).  The patient had extensive muscle tone in his neck and upper middle back.

When moving his own neck, he showed limited range of motion in all directions. The doctor located misalignments in the neck and middle back.  The patient began chiropractic care.  The doctor of chiropractic adjusted the patient’s neck and middle back using high velocity, low amplitude thrusts.  He was scheduled for a follow-up two days later, and reported having no headaches after the first visit.

The patient attended more than eight visits over two months with positive results.  He responded immediately to the chiropractic care which had a tremendous impact on his overall health and quality of life.

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