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1 Chiropractic Care Resolves Headaches in Pregnant Patient
2 13-Year-Old's Headaches Resolve After Chiropractic Care
3 Chiropractic Care Resolves Chronic Cervicogenic Headache
4 Encephalgia / Migraine: A Case Study
5 Chiropractic Care of a 13 Year-Old with Headache and Neck Pain: A Case Report
6 A Holistic Approach to Severe Headache Symptoms in a Patient Unresponsive to Regional Manual Therapy
7 A Case Series of Migraine Changes Following a Manipulative Therapy Trial
8 Case Reports in Chiropractic Pediatrics
9 Chiropractic Treatment of Childhood Migraine Headache: A Case Study
10 Chiropractic Care of Children with Headaches: Five Case Reports
11 Upper Cervical Vertebrae and Occipital Headache
12 Migraine: A Statistical Analysis of Chiropractic Treatment
13 Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Episodic Tension type Headache in Male Subjects: A Case Series Analysis
14 Occipital Headaches; Statistical Results in the Treatment of Vertebragenous Headache
15 Spinal Manipulation and Headaches of Cervical Origin
16 Spinal Curvatures-Visceral Disturbances in Relation Thereto
17 Chiropractic Management of Migraine Without Aura: A Case Study
18 Trauma of the Cervical Spine as Cause of Chronic Headache
19 Manipulative Therapy in the Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches: A Retrospective and Prospective Study
20 The Effect of Manipulation (Toggle Recoil Technique) for Headaches with Upper Cervical Joint Dysfunction: A Pilot Study
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