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Immune Function

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1 Chiropractic and the Neuroimmune Connection
2 An Overview of Neuroimmunomodulation and a Possible Correlation with Musculoskeletal System Function
3 Enhanced Phagocytic Cell Respiratory Burst Induced by Spinal Manipulation: Potential Role of Substance P
4 Enhanced Neutrophil Respiratory Burst as a Biological Marker for Manipulation Forces: Duration of the Effect and Association with Substance P and Tumor Necrosis Factor
5 The Effects of Chiropractic on the Immune System: A Review of the Literature
6 The Reflex Effects of Subluxation: The Autonomic Nervous System
7 Effect of Vertebral Loading on Sympathetic Nerve Regulation
8 Changes in Health Measures in HIV+ Chiropractic Patients
9 Studies on Effects of Spinal Manipulation on the Immune Response
10 Vertebral Subluxation Correlated with Somatic,Visceral and Immune Complaints: An Analysis of 650 Children Under Chiropractic Care
11 Spinal Manipulative Therapy Reduces Inflammatory Cytokines but Not Substance P Production in Normal Subjects
12 Physical, Physiological, and Immune Status Changes, Coupled with Self-Perceptions of Health and Quality of Life, in Subjects Receiving Chiropractic Care: A Pilot Study
13 Long Term Assessment of Blood Indices and Immune Panel Profiling of Subjects Receiving Chiropractic Care: A Pilot Study