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Chiropractic Relieves Constipation

The purpose of the study was to record the effectiveness of chiropractic care of relieving constipation in an eight-month old child.  

Constipation is defined as infrequent and painful defecation, fecal incontinence, and abdominal pain.  Constipation is very common in pediatric patients with an approximate prevalence of 3% in the Western world.  Approximately 30% of children beyond puberty still struggle with constipation.  The medical approach for using behavioral therapy or laxative intake to care for an infant with constipation is questionable. Parents are seeking more natural, reliable options and alternative options are becoming a popular care option for children. 

The current study focuses on an eight-month old male infant who was brought to a doctor of chiropractic by his mother. The patient’s mother said he had been unable to have a bowel movement for the past five days.  His mother described how irritable and uncomfortable her son was and that she could tell when her son would strain for a bowel movement without success.  His mother had only given him fluids, no medications, in hopes that the problem would resolve.

The doctor of chiropractic performed a chiropractic examination using a Nervoscope (detects and measures minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine) which found “breaks” in the Nervoscope patterns in his lower back and sacral areas. In addition, the doctor of chiropractic found that these same spinal areas were misaligned. It was determined that chiropractic care was warranted.

Based on his exam findings, the doctor of chiropractic adjusted the infant’s spine in the specific misaligned areas. After the adjustment, the patient’s mother was instructed to increase his fluid and to schedule a follow-up appointment for the following day if no bowel movement occurred.

While the mother and infant were in the car about to leave the clinic’s parking lot, he had a very large bowel movement.    His mother called the clinic to let the doctor of chiropractic know that he had two more bowel movements since they had left the office.  His mother also described him as being much happier.

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