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Disc Herniation and Chiropractic Care

BenEliyahu DJ, Magnetic resonance imaging and clinical follow-up: study of 27 patients receiving chiropractic care for cervical and lumbar disc herniations [see comments]

Resluts: Clinically, 80% of the patients studied had a good clinical outcome with post care visual analog scores under 2 and resolution of abnormal clinical examination findings. Anatomically, after repeat MRI scans, 63% of the patients studied revealed a reduced size or completely resorbed disc herniation. There was a statistically significant association (p < .005) between the clinical and MRI
follow-up results. Seventy-eight percent of the patients were able to return to work in their predisability occupations.

Conclusion: This prospective case series suggests that chiropractic care may be a safe and helpful modality for the treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniations. A random, controlled, clinical trial is called for to further substantiate the role of chiropractic care for the nonoperative clinical management of intervertebral disc herniation.

Comment in: J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1997 Sep;20(7):495-7
ISSN: 0161-4754