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1 Purpose of Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy The Pathways Team
2 The Flow of Life in Pregnancy and Birth Marianne Littlejohn
3 The Beauty of Fathering During Pregnancy: What Babies are Teaching Us Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., R.N.
4 March for Moms and ImprovingBirth Join Forces Dawn Thompson
5 Big Time: Do Big Babies Require a C-Section? We look at the Facts and Myths Dawn Thompson
6 Present from the Start Sophie Fletcher
7 In The Flow: Bringing the Moon Inside Marcy Axness, Ph.D.
8 Why You Should Think Twice about Prenatal Ultrasounds Shelby Salinas
9 Consciousness at the Beginning of Life Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D.
10 Dando a Luz: Rediscovering the Ancient Wisdom in Birth Robert M. Biter, M.D.
11 Birth Trauma and the Issue of Informed Consent Michele Munz
12 Choosing a Birth Class: Hospital-Based vs. Independent Childbirth Education Brittany Sharpe McCollum, C.D.(DONA)
13 Birth Story Mallory Josh, Lacey Wilson, D.C., Kim Daly, C.P.M.
14 Love for the Unknown Stephanie Libs, D.C.
15 A Proven Method for Lowering the Caesarean Rate Gloria Lemay
16 Birth Principles Workbook: A Soulful Alternative to a Birth Plan Jessie Harrold, C.D.
17 If Making Love Were Treated Like Birth: A Sadly Hilarious Video Fiona Peacock
18 Home Birth: Our Journey to Sanity Andrew Glanville, D.C.
19 Why Did So Many Women Die During Childbirth? Sam McCulloch
20 Belly Mapping Gail Tully
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